i think i might need a new theme. this one is covered in sadness.

/veronica palmer

what rlly bothers me is that this person and i used to talk kind of a lot but then we stopped and now they just message me when they need coding help


i don’t mind helping my friends but i’m beginning to feel like a performing monkey

oh no tumblr ate that message what a shame

nah they’re the type to message you to ask if tumblr ate their message

i’m not in the mood for a confrontation or anything so i just told them how i did

maybe i’m being paranoid and they’re going to use a different picture

Like when you asked me for coding help i didn’t think it was so you could copy me

Also I’m pretty peeved that you decided you could just make posts about asking me for help cause I helped you out once in the past

Like one time does not mean I want to be your fucking personal help desk

I’m so mad someone like fucking is copying my theme

Like okay I didn’t write the code but they follow me and they’re using the same theme and they just messaged me to ask how to put the goddamn oikawa pic I have on there in their theme


I know I’m rlly awesome but don’t copy me???????????

i’m so pissed off

mom keeps texting me while i’m at work about shit that has to be done in a certain time frame (within an hour or so of me getting off work) without asking if i have plans or time to do this shit

meanwhile my brother is unemployed and has spent the last week doing nothing but sleeping


i know i’m known for being the more responsible one for a reason but damn that boy needs to do some fucking thing

like i know his goddamn thumb is broken but you don’t need two hands to drive to the store and pick up a bag of cat food

he’s not even putting his dishes in the dishwasher anymore?

like uh you’ve got one hand that’s fine i know you can handle putting a goddamn plate in the goddamn dishwasher bc you were able to get it down out of the cabinet and load it up with food and carry it around the house just fine

but no boys will boys chaney will do what he wants while megan is responsible and always does the right thing

also can we talk about the fact that she’s riding my ass about finding another job but not saying anything to him

yeahit’s up to megan to make sure we can pay the bills let’s just let chaney sit on his ass and contribute nothing to making sure we can still afford food and electricity AND HIS OWN GODDAMN CAR NOTE

the trans yams/tsukki thing? lmaooooooooooooo


like i had to get up and walk away i was overwhelmed


Aomine: Now I see why you always jump first for fire related calls. Makoto, right?

Rin: Shut up, you never complain… since you get to see “Bakagami”. 

Kagami: Sorry Ahomine was such an ass, I’ll buy lunch, my treat. You like burgers?

Makoto: Ah, that’s okay! Rin was also a bit mean. And sure, thank you. 


Two things: one, rin and aomine are actually good friends, they just like to tease each other, and two, shirts? what shirts? we don’t need those here. 

queenmedusalith: i would think your height is equal to that of eleven oikawa hangers stacked on top of each other


yeah well you’re only like ten so how does that make you feel. you’re not even eleven oikawa hangers

i mean the real question is: is it really a good thing to be the larger number of oikawa hangers

i think not

and if it is, then i’m okay being the lesser just this once


i was writing A+ Haikyuu fic on twitter last night

dear cas